Insert Coin Theater has a wide array of commands, broken into the below categories.


The mini-games are a selection of chat-based games you can play with your fellow viewers.

Name Description Command
Claw Game Drop tokens into the claw game to try to grab more tokens! !claw <amt>
Laser Tag Enter the arena with a team and see who makes it out without being blasted. !lasertag <amt>
DDR Challenge everyone in chat to a Dance Dance Revolution tournament and see who gets the highest score! !ddr <amt>

Currency and Rank Commands

Currency is the driving force of the chat. Tokens are earned by watching the stream and are used for the mini-games and lootboxes. See Tokens for more info about lootboxes. Tickets are used to initiate prizes! See Tickets to see what prizes are available.

Name Description Command
Tokens View how many tokens you have in chat. !tokens
Tickets View how many tickets you have in chat. !tickets
Rank View your rank, based on hours. !rank

Information Commands

These commands will return information regarding the command's topic in-chat or via whisper.

Name Description Command
AR Info on the Arcade Raiders stream team. !ar
Beanies Get info on where to buy your own official ICT beanie! !beanies
Bugs/Errors Run into a weird bug or error on Mixer? This command will tell you how to report it! !bugs
Social Connections Shows Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Vidme links. !social
Rules Get an abbreviated version of the rules, plus a link to the full rules. !rules
Gamertag Tim's Xbox Live gamertag. !gt
Tags Tim's various gaming platform IDs. !tag
Uptime How long the stream's been going for. !uptime
Xbox Club Details on the Xbox Club! !xboxclub

Music Commands

When the jukebox is live, Subscribers can request YouTube or Spotify songs to play.

Name Description Command
YT Song Request Requests a YouTube song to be played !sr <URL or search>
Spotify Song Request Requests a Spotify song to be played. !spotify <Spotify link>

Misc Commands

These are goofy or fun commands that don't really fit in a category.

Name Description Command
GG Declare that Tim's GG button sucks. !gg
Ban Burger Ban Burger for doing something ban-worthy. No actual effect. !banburger
Ban Chat Ban chat for getting out of hand. No actual effect. !banchat
Ban Hambrams Ban Hambrams for doing a bad. No actual effect. !banhambrams
Ban Tim Tim getting out of hand? Ban him! No actual effect. !bantim
Butts Butts butts butts butts. Butts butts butts butts butts butts. !butts
Butt Touch Touches the target's butt. !butttouch <target>
Dammit Cherry! If Cherry makes you go "Dammit!" !dammitcherry
Dammit Formal! Try to blame Formal. !dammitformal
Dammit Furball! Laying blame on Devious? Ballsy move. !dammitfurball
Dicks This is an old command. Shows the happy guy with a long nose. !dicks
Table Flip Flip a table in rage, frustration or exasperation. !flip
Table Unflip Undo the damage. !unflip
Dick Flip Flip a dick... like a table? !flipdicks
Fuck Me Tells Tim exactly what a proper response for when he says "Oh, fuck me!" is. !fuckme
Fuck Zone For when Tim enters the fuck zone. !fuckzone
Furball Rage Someone mention Nintendo? How about Apple? Microtransactions? Do it. !furballrage
Hug Give someone who needs it a super-sexy hug. !hug <target>
Lurk Stepping away from the computer? Hopping away from chat for a bit? Lurk it up! !lurk
Unlurk Back from your AFK? Returned from that bathroom break? Let everyone know you're back! !unlurk
Max Max is here, bitches! !max
Minnesota Hype! Get that hype for MN! !mn
Praise Praise someone for doing well. !praise <target>
Unpraise Someone did a bad. !unpraise <target>
Rekt Tim got rekt. !rekt
Reasons Add to the reasons why we can't have nice things. !reasons
R.I.P.saw If the video capture freezes, hit this. !ripsaw
Trash Train All aboard, woo woo! !trashtrain
Texas is Bestest I disagree. !tx