Tickets are the secondary currency of Insert Coin Theater. Tickets are earned via Lootboxes which can be attained using Tokens.

Tickets cannot be given to other viewers - they are for your use only.

You can check your tickets at any time using !tickets in chat.

Prizes, Costs and Commands

Prize Tickets Command
Text-To-Speech (Sub Only) 50 !tts your message here
Monthly Sub Raffle Entry (Non-Sub Only) 100 !subraffle
Monthly Mixer Pro Raffle Entry 100 !proraffle
Pose a challenge to Tim (see Challenge Rules) 750 !challenge
Make Tim eat a Beanboozled Bean 1000 !bean
Make Tim play a game of your choice (see Game Rules) 5000 !game

Challenge Prize Rules

  • Tim will make an effort to defeat the challenge you set forth, as long as it's reasonable.
  • REASONABLE is defined as something that could be accomplished by a regular gamer with some effort. It must be set within the game that is being played at the time.
  • If no time limit is set (such as "in one round") Tim will try to accomplish it in 10 minutes.
  • All challenges subject to veto by Tim.

Game Prize Rules

  • Games selected by viewers must be owned by Tim (or gifted to him).
  • He will play for a minimum of 15 minutes, more if he's liking it.
  • It will be played during the next stream where the schedule is flexible (non-promotional times).
  • The game must be allowed by TOS and can be vetoed by Tim for any reason.