Tokens are the primary currency of Insert Coin Theater. Tokens are earned by watching the stream, with bonuses being given for being engaged in chat, becoming a regular (15 hours or more of view time), or being a subscriber!

Tokens are awarded every 20 minutes. They *cannot be given to other viewers.

You can check your Tokens at any time by using !tokens in chat.

Uses for Tokens


There are a variety of mini-games in which you can participate in the Arcade. The table below details the games and the commands to activate or participate in them.

Game Description Command
Claw Game Test your "skill" with the Claw Game to try to get a bonus of tokens over top of what you put into the machine! !claw <tokens amount>
Laser Tag Battle against an NPC group of Laser Tag combatants to try to earn a Token bonus over what you bet! !lasertag <tokens amount>
DDR Tournament Play some Dance Dance Revolution against other viewers to win the gambled prize pool of tokens. !ddr <tokens amount>

Open Jukebox

On occasion, Tim will open up the Jukebox to non-subscribers. When live, it costs 200 Tokens to request a song that will be played on-stream.

NOTE: Requesting offensive songs or songs with slurs (the "N" word) can result in a timeout or ban in accordance with the Rules. Keep it classy.


Lootboxes are randomized prize packages. For each Lootbox redeemed, you will get 1-3 prizes containing a combination of the following:

  • Tickets
  • Tokens
  • Steam Game Code Giveaways
  • Instant Beanboozled Bean Challenges

A Lootbox costs 2000 Tokens to redeem. You can redeem it using !lootbox in chat.

Once you redeem a Lootbox, the prizes must be Claimed using !claim.

Claiming Lootbox Prizes

Once a Lootbox has been redeemed, you should receive a response whisper containing a list of the prizes you win. The prizes will also appear on-stream.

For Ticket and Token prizes, you will need to use !claim to claim the prizes and add them to your account. For Giveaway and Bean prizes, they will be redeemed as soon as possible by Tim.

Free Lootboxes

Every 18 hours, subscribers to Insert Coin Theater receive one free Lootbox, redeemed with the appropriate button on the Interactive board.

Lootbox Prize List

This is as current as I can keep it and is liable to change as time goes on.

If you only get one item out of a box, you'll gain a bonus 20% to your base roll. This means that the minimum you can get is a 21% and the max you can get is 120%, which cuts the chance of an Average item by ⅓, increasing your chance to get Good or better items!

Level Amount Type Chance
Average 75 Tickets 60%
Average 100 Tickets 60%
Average 115 Tickets 60%
Average 125 Tickets 60%
Good 150 Tickets 25%
Good 175 Tickets 25%
Good 200 Tickets 25%
Good 250 Tickets 25%
Awesome 275 Tickets 9%
Awesome 300 Tickets 9%
Awesome 350 Tickets 9%
Awesome 400 Tickets 9%
Fantastic 450 Tickets 4%
Fantastic 500 Tickets 4%
Fantastic 550 Tickets 4%
Fantastic 1 Giveaway 4%
Epic 600 Tickets 2%
Epic 750 Tickets 2%
Epic 1000 Tickets 2%
Epic 2000 Tokens 2%
Epic 2 Giveaway 2%
Epic 1 Bean 2%